I’m eager for our move to Nova Scotia.

I never thought I’d be so eager to move out of the woods. I thought I always wanted to live in the woods. Truth is I hate it more and more every day.

I hate that I can’t walk my dog anywhere. The highway is way too busy and the bush is full of bugs.
I hate the bizillion mosquitos that leave with me at least 10-15 new bites EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I hate feeling trapped like I can’t go outside and play because of all the friggin’ mosquitos that love my blood so much.
I hate having to sleep under all the covers when it’s 30°C out because the mosquitos that snuck in the house are biting my feet and arms and legs.
I hate the animals lurking at night.

Last night I took Monty out before bed in the dark. I hate going outside in the dark here. Maybe a fence would make me feel more secure, I dunno. Anyway, we walked around the yard twice, and then I heard something behind the garage. I think it was a big deer. I could only see the big tall shape and terrified it was a bear (there was one at the neighbour’s place last week), I started walking back to the house. Then I could hear it racing and I swear it was racing towards me so I ran Monty and I to the house lightning fast. My heart was RACING. Later I had to take him out the front door to pee.

Maybe I want to go back to nice countryside living. I don’t remember being too scared growing up on the farm. No animals chased me in the night. There weren’t too many mosquitos to bear. There were lots of places for a dog to play.

I can’t wait to have a fenced yard or at least the dog kennels out so my dog can go to the bathroom at his leisure. I want somewhere where he can run and play.

Maybe I’ve just grown old and soft. Probably. I know I used to love the woods. However, I’m serious, if a genie appeared to me right now, and I had to choose world peace or death to all mosquitos, I’d choose to kill the mosquitos. Sorry.