Canada Day

Julie took Jeff and I on the Canada Day Evening Island Queen Cruise for an engagement present! It’s a big cruise boat that took us (and up 550 others) out from 7-10pm on Canada Day. The boat cruised in a big loop around some of the 30,000 islands before it returned to the sound for the holiday fireworks after dark!

It was really chilly – especially up on the top deck where we spent the entire cruise. The forecast was a low of 4°C with a risk of frost! Of course I brought my mittens and toque so I was prepared for the weather. Julie and Jeff just laughed and took pictures of me most of the time though!










Thank-you so much Julie! I had a great time! 😀


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  1. What a great sister you have! That looked like so much fun!
    What a great present and great memories!

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