Cecilia was right!!!

There has been a DRASTIC decrease in the mosquito population this week and it has made an incredible difference in my life.

I’m not miserable anymore. I don’t dread going outside. I’m not itching non-stop. I’m not cursing the mosquitos. I am still getting bit, but maybe 5% as many as I had been for the last 2 months.

It’s been a GREAT week. On Wednesday Uncle Paul picked me up and I went out to Terry Johnston’s cottage for a night. It was a GREAT time. Uncle Phil and Doreen and Kiana where there with Doreen’s Dad. Uncle Joe was there. It was the Verkley cottage for the week! They all had free lodging for their work. The biggest goal of the week was getting up the wood tongue and groove for the walls. This wood was incredible – the Johnston’s took down a dead elm tree and got it milled and planed – cut into thick tongue and groove boards. It looks so neat on the walls – the wood has some real character.

We have to use a boat to get to the camp – less than 5 minutes on the boat though – it isn’t long at all. But the cottage has full power and telephone service – even satellite TV!




My little cousin Kiana was a lot of fun to play with. A little exhausting. She just turned 3. We coloured and played games and watched Barney (the horror!). She’s only just 3 and already knows all her letters and can spell her name and knows her shapes. Smart kid. But she never gets tired!

Jeff picked me up at the boat dock yesterday afternoon. They had all the officers in Ontario together for meetings up here this week so we went to a barbeque last night and I got to meet his co-workers. Very nice guys – many of them were talking to me about Nova Scotia and they all think we’ll really like it out there.

We’re flying out on Sunday for a week for the house hunting trip. I really hope our favourite house we see on MLS turns out to be everything we want it to be so we can buy it and get everything rolling while we’re out there. I won’t even think about what we’ll do if we don’t find anything.

I was only at that cottage for a couple days, one night, but I feel like I just had a week long vacation. Getting me out of the house and away from taking care of the pets for a couple days was JUST what I needed!