We met the agent today and she was tying up another deal so we waited with her last words being “The listing agent is showing the house right now”.


She’s showing OUR house? The one we put an offer in on?

We sat in disbelief and fear that someone was going to outbid us.

When the agent came back to us 5 minutes later she explained that they could only put in a back up bid and as long as our financing and everything was in place, it was ours!


So today we lined up house and vehicle insurance. Bank appointment is in the morning. House inspection is on Friday. We’ll meet her to grab a water sample one night and we drop that off at the hospital to get inspected. They emptied the septic 6 months ago. We got the land survey today. Turns out we won’t own right to the road – it’s all Nova Scotia Hydro property so we own more up behind and to the sides of the house – it’s all bush. I’ve added photos to Facebook ( you don’t have to login to see these I don’t think ):

This evening we went to see the RCMP musical ride! SOO amazing. The Mounties must have been totally overheating in their hot red dress uniforms. I think there were 32 horses in the formation – they did circles and charges and well a hundred different neat formations. I’ll add photos when we get back home.

Then we went to the Lobster Treat restaurant – and I had my first lobster!! It was yummy. It tasted just like the snow crab legs. Jeff had his favourite scallops. It was all so delicious.