It’s Thursday! Today we mostly have a free day. This morning we’re going to the lawyers office to meet her, and we’re dropping off the water sample we took last night with the agent.

We also want to shop a little. It’s rainy now but hopefully it’ll clear up so we can get out to Port Hawksbury for the Tall Ships that are in the harbour for a couple of days.

We’ve been up around Cape George a couple times and ate some fish and chips at a restaurant at a wharf. It was very good. A chipmunk kept coming to look for crumbs around our feet so I guess he liked the food there too.

We’ve eaten dinner at the Boston’s pizza beside the restaurant 3 times already. Yesterday we got up to go from dinner and our real estate agent Kim was in the booth behind us – we ran into someone we know in town already! HA

Friday is the house inspection and he likes to do it himself and then show us what he found, but we’re planning to go out at the same time and make lots of notes and take photos and really memorize our new house because we won’t be back until closing at the end of August. We are registered at Sears for our wedding so once we figure out colours we can add a few more things.

We were out there last night. The gardens must have been so beautiful once but now there is a LOT of work a head of me. But I’ll get them looking like the covers of my Harrowsmith magazines in no time 😀

I googled the old owners and found out a few things about them. He is a PHD and the both worked at the university here. She painted water colours of the gardens and loves vibrant colour (see bathroom wallpaper photos for evidence). She has some original paintings for sale in a gallery downtown. They’ve lived all over the country and have moved for a promotion where he’ll be heading a university department.

Yesterday we got the information for satellite internet and Bell Expressview. Looks like satellite internet is our only choice for now. I have read so many horror stories but dial up just isn’t going to satisfy me. They have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Soon my sister is off to Europe – have a good trip Julie! Email us updates when you can and take LOTS of photos!

Okay Jeff is ready, off we go!