It’s Friday night and we are in Halifax staying near the airport.

Today we had our house inspection. There were no real surprises. Lots of little things to do. One big thing that we knew about – at some point someone built a walk out from the basement, but they didn’t seal the outside of the concrete so it leaks like mad. It has a floor drain in the stair well that is too high so it doesn’t drain and the soil is too high and sloped towards it compounding the problem – so we need to shovel up around it, dry it, seal it with some tar layers and then fill it back and slope the dirt there.

We also found out the house is a manufactured house that came there in 4 pieces. I don’t know why we didn’t notice that but we didn’t. No significant problems with that. With all manufactured homes like that, they tend to settle towards the middle within the first year. All the floors slope a bit towards the middle of the house. He showed us how to slowly fix that however the last owners put down new ceramic tile throughout half of the main floor so if we raise the middle of the house a smidge then we run a real risk of cracking those ceramics so we’re fine with a bit of slope – only noticeable with a marble on the floor.

The pellet stove needs a good cleaning but it seems like a great choice – it’ll heat the basement and the main floor well. There is a regular weekly maintenance/cleaning to do with it so we’re having him or one of his guys out in the fall to clean it and show us how to use it.

Today we drove the old coastal highway back to Halifax. It was rainy and foggy and misty. Then we found downtown Halifax and the wharf area and did a bit of touristy shopping and ate some seafood. I had a lobster salad wrap. Last night I had lobster fettuccine pasta so that is lobster 3 times this week! Jeff has had his favourite – scallops – at least 3 times this week already!

Theodore the Tugboat was at the docks so we got some photos of him too – really cool to see in person! It must have been too foggy and rainy because you can normally go out on a tour on the tugboat but it was docked. Some of the tallships were in the harbour too – we saw some of those yesterday in foggy Port Hawkesbury and got to board one and look around. That is no kind of life for me, but if you are interested I picked up a flyer for how you can spend a summer on the ship.

Tomorrow we get to pick up our dogs. I can’t wait to see them. And then Zeus who is probably completely bored and lonely and will be hoarse from crying and meowing. I hope they are all okay. They are going to love our new place. We have to figure out where their outdoor kennel runs will go and whether we’ll be building a fence or doing an electric underground fence or what.

Okay I’m so uncomfortable from typing in bed. More when we get home, complete with photos.