Aunt Cecilia drove up from Toronto on Saturday morning to visit us for the weekend. It was a great weekend!

On Saturday we went for a scenic tour. We wanted to see what Parry Island was all about, but there wasn’t much to see so we headed into Parry Sound for lunch and then headed up to Killbear Provincial Park.

I have never seen a provincial park so packed! There were people EVERYWHERE! We took a couple short hikes and visited their visitor’s centre. They had two Massassauga Rattle Snakes living in glass displays. Killbear is known for being a hot spot for these rattle snakes, but we didn’t see any (okay with me – almost stepped on one once with my Dad and those memories will last a lifetime).

Here are some pictures from Killbear:




The weather was nice this weekend – almost too warm. We sat outside and drank some beers and soaked up some sun and then some shade when the sun was too hot. Jeff cooked up some grouse and deer for dinner. It was really good. He made a breading for the grouse that was yummy.

On Sunday we hiked back to the swampy pond back in the property here. We made a wrong turn, or maybe forgot to turn, on the way back and ended up on the highway down by the stop sign. Nothing a hike back up the side of the highway can’t rectify.

Cecilia and I went to Rosseau to see what it was all about in the summer. The little town was packed with summer visitors. There were several antique stores and people peddling antiques and “stuff” on the lawns around the shops. It was totally ridiculous the prices they had on things. Like a set of old dishes you’d pay maybe $10 for, but they were asking a few hundred for. I found a set of someone’s old family photographs from around 1906. They were fascinating to look at. The names were all on the back. People just didn’t smile in photos back then. They looked so uncomfortable.

Thanks for battling the summer traffic to come and visit us Aunt Cecilia – you’re welcome anytime.