Kennel Cough

Our dogs have had kennel cough since we picked them up from the kennel. The first few days were incredibly hard on me – sitting here all day listening to them cough and gag. Both Winger and Surf did a lot of coughing in their last few days and it must have made me incredibly sensitive to the sound.

They are over a week into it and are doing much better. Now they seem to cough after they drink and when they are active outside.

They were both vaccinated for kennel cough in the spring, and Monty got it after his last kennel stay too. It’s not really vet treatable – it’s more like the croup a child gets.

Here they are 5 minutes ago.

..hold on one minute.. gotta kill the friggin ant that just crawled in my sandal.. yes I’m inside.. this house is full of big ugly ants.. moving date less than a month away.. can’t wait..




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  1. Nice to see everyone is taking a nap. What about you?
    We are at 31C. I think it is a hot hazy and lazy day today.
    Have a cool one for the man when he gets in!

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