Okay for all of you asking if I’m still alive…. I am!

We’ve been busy!

We were home for a week. My family threw a wedding shower for us at our annual family picnic! It was very nice of them and we got some incredible gifts! I will photograph them in a week or two! There are photos from that day going up on Verkley.com – http://verkley.com/wp-content/plugins/fgallery/fim_photos.php?album=verkley-family-picnic-2007

Our Verkley family always has our family get together in August for Grandma’s birthday. This was the first picnic without her :'( and without Grandpa. Grandma passed away last fall, and Grandpa has Alzheimer’s and lives in a care facility. I was sad not to give them a big hug, but imagine my surprise when I open a card for us at the shower from my Grandma and Grandpa! It was their treasured cuckoo clock! My aunt and uncle who had inherited it decided to pass it along to Jeff and I! It is a family treasure and I am excited to hear and see it in our new home way out east in Nova Scotia. (I only cried two or three times)

While we were home, we also helped Mom redecorate her bedroom – turn garden room – back into a spare bedroom. We also met with the officiant for our wedding, selected Jeff’s tux, visited with my Grandma Stock, booked some decorations for our wedding, and visited with Jeff’s parents who also come to the Verkley picnic to meet my family.

Now we’re in our final week before we move. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday August 21 :
Jeff’s last day at work
Wednesday August 22 : Finish taking the rest of our stuff to the storage facility
Thursday August 23 : The movers will pull their truck up to the storage facility and up all our earthly possessions.
Friday August 24 : Last day to clean up the house we’re renting.
Saturday August 25th : Pack up the truck with 2 dogs, cat, fish, house plants, chemicals that the movers won’t take, a blanket or two, a few days of clothes, and us and start our drive east.
Sunday August 26th : Continue to drive east.
Monday August 27th : Meet with the lawyer and get possession of our new house, time unknown.
Tuesday August 28th : Movers arrive to unload the truck. The Bell Expressview installer should also arrive in the afternoon to hook up the satellite for TV.
Wednesday August 29th : The movers return to empty and unpack the boxes (we aren’t allowed to do it for insurance reasons)
Thursday August 30th : Relax.