The moving truck took our stuff away yesterday. It went really smoothly. I didn’t want to mention it earlier, but it was very much in doubt that they were going to take the 10 large panels that make up our chain link outdoor dog kennels. It is against their regulations. I tried so hard not to jinx it so we just didn’t talk about it – and how we were going to get them out to Nova Scotia – my panels were $650 new, and the 4 panel one easily goes for $400 new – not something we want to re-purchase!

Jeff and I exchanged a quick happy glance at each other when we saw the first two panels being walked up the ramp into the truck. WOO HOOOO. But then we watched as they walked them back down and sat them beside the storage facility wall. And there they rested for hours. Finally they were loaded last. What a relief! :D:D

Today we cleaned the house and took a laundry basket load of hazardous waste into the depot (free disposal). It was all paint and fuels and other things we had kept out of the garbage until we had a safe place to dispose of them. Beats carting them to Nova Scotia for disposal!

Tomorrow morning we have to dump my old fridge and stove at the landfill here where they have a program to accept appliances for free (plus a charge for the freon in the fridge). They are only open Saturdays and Wednesdays so we have to wait until tomorrow. After that we can load up the truck and do our last bits of cleaning before we go.

We have a pre-closing inspection of the house on Monday at 10am. The real estate agent will let us into the house and we’ll check to make sure everything we requested as part of the purchase is still there (ie. appliances) and that everything is still in order before the lawyer’s appointment at 12:30.

The moving truck driver sounded like there was a possibility he wasn’t going to be there on Tuesday – it might be Wednesday! I hope not, because we’ll be sleeping on a hard floor on Monday night and it would be awfully nice to not have to do that for two nights.

We don’t know where we’re staying on Saturday or Sunday night. We’ll see how far we get. We have lots of time to play with and since we don’t have to be in Antigonish until 10am we don’t have to get all the way there on Sunday night.

Our phone is already disconnected here. Thankfully the cable and cable internet are still working. My cell will be on over the weekend if you need to reach us, but don’t ask me the number, I have no idea what it is. Our new number should be in operation on Monday.

Here’s hoping for a good drive and very little cat puke and poop!