We’re in Nova Scotia!
And we’re tired and going to bed, so here is the brief low-down.
We’re in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. We’re only 58.2 km from Antigonish (or so says Google maps). We stayed in a little dive motel last night just of Drummonville, Quebec. We visited with Jeff’s friend’s outside Ottawa for 3 hours and had dinner there. It was nice to visit and meet his good friends.
Montreal was yucky, not because of traffic, because of so many turns and merges and once we all of a sudden had to be over 3 lanes and exiting. I didn’t care for it at all. New Brunswick has a new highway that is about to open all the way down to Fredericton – after that you can pretty much go from Waterloo to Antigonish on a split fast highway (speed limits are 110 out here).
Zeus has done sooooo awesome – not a single accident in his crate and he is fantastic in the hotel rooms. We’re really relieved. I think he likes riding in this bigger crate better (Monty’s plastic puppy kennel) and we put him back with the dogs so he can see them.

-gotta take Monty outside, brb-

back, and something just crawled into my sandal and stung the top of my foot. OUCH. Must have been one of those biting ants or something. It stings really bad, but not quite as bad as the two wasp stings did on my arm a couple weeks ago. Oh cool, a bump is starting to swell.
Okay, we’re going to bed. At 10am tomorrow we meet with the real estate agent who is taking us out to the house for a pre-closure inspection. Then we will go back into Antigonish to meet the lawyer at 12:30. Remember we’re in the Atlantic time zone now so we get to live each hour before we hand it off to you ;D