We were most worried about traveling with the cat, but it turned out to be Monty that is the bugger! Just like his Uncle Winger before him, Monty wants to bark if he hears a noise at night in the motel. Then we pounce on him to tell him to be quiet and groan and try to get back to sleep. He’s done it both nights; last night was the worst. I even took him out to “use the lawn” around 2:30am. He is awake and walking around in the motel rooms all night. So we finally got up around 5:30 and gave up trying to sleep. And now the little rascal is sleeping beside this desk chair.

This motel is nice and pet friendly – the Comfort Inn – we actually are in New Glasgow, I thought because I could see the Stellarton water tower that we weren’t all the way to New Glasgow, but we are! Our room even has a fridge and a microwave but we didn’t really need it. It’s right beside Wendy’s so I walked over and got us a each a Southwest Taco Salad for dinner last night. Yummy!

I still don’t have the mailing address of Trudy or my cousins Amy, Sarah, and Stephanie – so if you have those addresses, please email me! Thank ya!