We sure are fortunate here!

It rained yesterday afternoon and all night. We woke up to the sound of rushing water. There is a river of water that was coming down the hill in one spot and then diverting into the ditch dug along the back of the lawn. The yard was wet but we weathered the rain well. Our large drainage hole up front and to the side of the house is full of water.

But this afternoon we headed out to drive around. WOW! Most people around here had there driveways totally washed down, across the road, and into the lake. There were deep channels going down driveways and across them. There was gravel and mud and sticks all over the roads. The lake is full and brown from all the dirt going into it. By the time we got to town we saw that most of the waterways around here are totally full or have overflown their banks. By the time we headed home there were front end loaders out rebuilding laneways. We don’t actually most of our driveway so I wonder if the county is obligated to fix them. There are many driveways that are completely unusable right now. Ours is totally fine. We do have a ditch dug along the side of it but it was dry by the time we looked in it.

We hung some pictures on the walls today. There is still stuff EVERYWHERE. This is going to take forever.

We got an installation date for our satellite internet! Only it isn’t until SEPTEMBER 13TH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. That is a really long time. This dial up is so useless it takes me a good hour just to get in to read the headers of my email. I can’t possibly actually read the actual emails.

We bought a couch today!! After YEARS of futons we’re going to have a COUCH! And a nice one! It’ll be ready for delivery in a couple of weeks.

We put our outdoor kennel panels up to form a yard for the dogs off of the deck. It’s a good size with 10 panels that are 10ft long by 6ft high. We bought some t-bars and Jeff hammered them into the ground to secure them in place. Now we can put off fencing the entire yard until next year when we have a better idea what we want and how much it will cost, etc.

I applied for a job already at the University. I have zero idea of chances or anything like that. I have a few other places I want to apply so I will get to that over the next two weeks or so too.