I was just about to load up Jeff’s truck with more flattened cardboard when Monty started growling and looking towards the driveway. I ignored him for awhile – after all in the middle of the night last night he did have a barking marathon at the tall metal pole my cousins gave us for a shower gift – it has a birdfeeder hanging from it and I guess that was spooky in the dark for him.

Anyway, he persisted so I looked out on the lawn and there was a dog – it was a small dog – Shitzu type. It turned out to be friendly (I’m so leery of other people’s dogs). I went inside and got Jeff and then I got a leash and we walked him down to the road to see if anyone was looking for him.

Our nearest neighbour was out on his driveway with another fellow. We stopped and introduced ourselves. He said the rain on Friday night was like nothing he’d ever seen. He said it was 4 inches. He does construction work so they were repairing his laneway a bit. The dog wasn’t his so we went to the cottages across the road on the water.

Luckily that is where the dog lived! We met the lady that stays there. She showed us where the lake edge normally is and where is it now. Their firepit is long gone, their bench is under water, and she said they almost lost their dock.

Then we had to hike back up our cliff of a driveway. What a good way to get a good burning in your calves and buttocks. I had to stop 3/4’s of the way up to fake interest in an apple tree so I could recover. HA!

It’s a beautiful day today. I hear a blue jay screaming outside. So far he hasn’t been brave enough to come up to our freshly filled feeders. We saw 2 deer in a clearing across the valley (other side of the lake and up the hill over there) this afternoon.

Jeff has been busy in the basement most of the day. We’ve also hung some of our prints and photos on the wall. I vacuumed the main floor (around the boxes and piles and bags of paper). We set up the bed in the guest room for Mom or Julie (they want to come for Thanksgiving – they better hurry up and book a flight). I also brushed Monty outside and he’s still shedding huge tumbleweeds of hair. I need to go finish putting that load of cardboard in the truck.