I had a job interview on Monday for a programmer position in the University library. I wasn’t sure what to expect – sometimes interviews for positions like this can be really technical, like a test, and they’ll get you to program chunks of code. Luckily this interview was nothing like that. It was just four people taking turns asking questions – none of which I couldn’t handle. I got a really good vibe, and I left there thinking there is no way they’d hire anyone else, I really nailed it.

I’ve had that feeling before after an interview, and it’s always the one where I’m shocked because I never hear from them again. I don’t have my hopes too high on this one – I mean it is a drastic, DRASTIC pay cut from what I used to make, but it is permanent full time, it would get me out to meet new people here, but we would have to buy a second vehicle right away. Pretty much I’m just waiting to see how it goes and I won’t be crushed if I don’t get it. I should have an indication by the end of the week because I was led to believe that they will ask me my permission first before they contact my references.

It was an early morning today. Jeff has a meeting at one of the other offices he’s is managing. It’s a couple hours away and he has to first go to his own office to get his work vehicle. I tried to sleep in but it didn’t work.

It’s foggy again this morning. It has been really cooling down at night and I think this thick fog is just around the inland lakes. It hasn’t been burning off until after 9 each morning. I added the local weather here to the sidebar so you can always see what temperature it is here 😀

I cut the grass yesterday again. The lot is looking REALLY nice. I do a fantastic job if I do say so myself. I started removing the rocks from around the flower beds. We got a wheelbarrow on the weekend and my handyman Jeff put it together so now I can do more yard work. Removing the rocks is going to take a few attempts. After two loads of rocks my wrists were just shot (I’m raking the rocks onto a shovel and then lifting it into the wheelbarrow). I think I’ll stick to a couple loads a day so I don’t cripple myself ;D

If we have to buy a vehicle in the next week, there is a 2003 Saturn LW200 wagon on a local lot that is leading our list of potentials. It has a manual transmission and gets good gas mileage. I don’t want a car, but with a wagon I could probably still fit a dog crate in the back. We’ll see….