I was going to blog this morning that I got the job, but that’s nothing now.

The most traumatic thing just happened.

I’m still feeling sick to my stomach, shaky, and I had to call Jeff at work in tears.

I was going to go fill up the bird feeders outside.

I went downstairs and picked up the pails of birdseed.

I was going to use the walkout door from the basement. I opened the door to the back stairs and a small little snake fell into the basement.

At first it didn’t move and I thought it was Jeff playing a joke and he was going to be in really really really big trouble.

Then it moved.

I tried to cover it with a pail but I only caught the back half of it

I wanted it to go back through the door, but the door is an inch or two higher than the basement floor.

I couldn’t get it entirely under the pail. I didn’t want to chop it in half. I thought about getting the vacuum. OMG just writing this is making me tear up again.

It eventually slithered under the door frame, but that isn’t outside.

I’m freaked out. Jeff is coming home at lunch. That is still over two hours away. I don’t want a snake in the basement. I knew I hated that creepy wet back set of stairs out of the basement.

Everytime I feel a tickle I think there is a snake on me.