I love our new car! I love our new car!

I picked it up yesterday and I love everything about it.

Cool features:

  • it sits 10cm higher than other compact cars so your legs don’t go straight out in front of you to drive (I hate that about cars)
  • half of the glove box is a “chill zone” that holds 4 bottles of water or pop or whatever and keeps them chilled
  • the dome light in the hatch back part is a removable, rechargeable flashlight
  • there is a flip down set of speakers in the back tailgate so you can crank the stereo and listen to it outside
  • this one has lots of extras: cruise control, fog lights, leather wrapped steering wheel, upgraded stereo with subwoofer
  • Sirius satellite radio is built in and they gave me a free 1 year subscription
  • there are handy quick controls for the stereo and volume on the rear side of the steering wheel – so imagine your hands are at 9 and 3 – grip the wheel – where your finger tips are – that is where the little bottons are
  • the two cup holders are illuminated in this cool glowing colour at night
  • it has a driver’s control centre where you can set if you want the horn to go when you click the lock button on the key as you walk away, and if you want the headlights to flash, etc. It also shows the current tire pressure in each tire, the outside temperature, the number of km’s until the tank is empty, the average mileage you are getting since you last clicked the reset button
  • as you drive, there is a display on the dash under the gas tank gauge that tells you the temperature outside, the direction you’re driving, and the station that you are listening to (FM,AM, or Satellite)
  • it is a compact car, but feels huge inside
  • after it’s broken in, it is supposed to get 39 miles/gallon on the highway

Okay enough glowing reports, here are some pictures. There are more on Facebook if you are one of my friends.