Saturday Drive

We took the new car for a drive today. It was cool and rainy but I felt the desire to explore.

We went to Pictou. It is just past New Glasgow – not even an hour a way from here. It is another old Nova Scotia town dating back to the 1700’s. We drove all the way to where the ferry departs for PEI.

We browsed a couple of shops but didn’t buy anything today. Their waterfront looks like it is probably a huge tourist draw in the summer. There are a couple museums and a big, tall reconditioned/rebuilt wooden ship. There were at least 4 fish and chip pub type restaurants too.

Love the car

The car has a display where it keeps track of the mileage. I haven’t reset it so it probably goes back to kilometre #1. It’s now down to 8.2 litres/100kms. We filled it up for the first time – it only cost $45! What a treat! (I still love our new car!)

Road kill

Up the road from here this morning there was a dead raccoon on the road. (There are lots of raccoons and porcupines dead on the roads here). Snacking on the dead carcass in the middle of the road was a BALD EAGLE! I even had my camera, but I didn’t manage to get a photo. What a big bird!

Jeff’s Workshop

So it’s Saturday night now. I’m trying to catch up on some of my website work. Jeff is working in the basement in his new workshop. We don’t have a garage (maybe some year) so he’s taken over 1/4 of the basement. He now has a big peg board installed on the wall with all sort of his tools hanging up. It looks really slick. Now he’s working on building some cabinets and shelves. Last week he built a corner desk/counter for fly tying and other manly things. His next project will be a couple big wooden book shelves for my office. He will putter down there for HOURS at a time.

Business Flair

Our real estate agent really seems to be the biggest agent around. She easily has twice as many listings as anyone else here. She’s not much older than I am, but somehow, somewhere along the line she picked up an incredible flair for running a business. I just have no ability to deal with clients like she does, and I never will. She was always willing to go that extra mile to sell a house. She drove us all over when we were looking. She hooked us up with the insurance company, and a lawyer, and the house inspector and was here during the house inspection. She took us back to the house another time for a pre-close inspection. She took us out to the house another time to collect a water sample. She always was quick to answer every email and every phone call. And while she was helping us she was doing the same for other clients during the same days!

Last night Jeff and I went out for dinner to a restaurant that we’ve been curious to try. We saw our agent at the corner table with her daughter so we gave her a wave when we went in. Of course she was talking on her blackberry as she ate. When we were almost done our dinner our waitress came over to tell us our dinner was paid for! Even an extra beer for each of us! She had already snuck out so we couldn’t even thank her. What a treat!