Well I didn’t think I’d get to this blog post tonight because I’m exhausted. But here I am anyway. I need to go to bed.

Work was fine. Great people. I met lots of them. I talked to more people today than I have in…. years?

My office (shared) is in a very unknown, undiscovered penthouse area at the top of the library – on the 5th floor! All stairs baby! Yes I am grossly out of shape and all the stairs I climbed today were kicking my ass. The entire library is a total maze to me – and it seems like it still is to many people working there.

The work is interesting to me – I think I’ll be more than capable to doing it all – it overlaps quite a bit with work I did for the CFS and with interests I developed when working with online databases, and building search tools, and journal articles.

In six years of working contracts for the Canadian Government (or is that “Canada’s New Government” :crazy:) I wasn’t given any office supplies. My pens and pencils came from Jeff’s department (shhhh don’t tell). Today I already have pens, pencils, paper clips, a pad of paper, and the head of HR gave me a welcome gift with a University mug and pen and pin and an information pack.

I got a walking tour of the university. There is a lot of money at this university – lots of donations, massive renovations, big impressive buildings, etc. The university is over 150 years old and has a strong Catholic background. There is a chapel and a cathedral. It was once run entirely by priests and when women were allowed to be educated, a building of nuns joined the campus. Lots of fascinating history.

Off to bed. I have to wake up and do this all over again tomorrow.