Back Road Exploration

This morning Jeff and I jumped in his truck and went to explore some back road bush roads on the other side of the lake from us. We can see the roads going up and over that side of the valley so Jeff found a topographic map and we took his GPS to mark some points.

The bush roads are a lot like northern Ontario’s in lots of ways. Except there seems to be more power lines around here. And there are no big trees, but there is definitely some serious intensive forest management underway here in Nova Scotia. Spruce is the only species I’ve seen growing for harvest here. There were some stands that were thinned, some had been aerial sprayed, some even had their bottoms branches pruned off (gives knot-free lumber).

Here are a few photos and some of our house from across the lake. We need to work on holding the camera straight 😳

This one is from the truck while it is parked by the house:



No idea what this is. We could always see it from the highway but didn’t know what it was until we drove down that sideroad. I still don’t know what it is really.





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2 Replies to “Back Road Exploration

  1. you are likely already holding your camera level to the ground. you need to learn to hold your camera on an angle so that the horizon looks level. that is the trick.

    i found this out before too. i have lots of pictures that look funny. it stands out the most when you take pictures with water as the horizon because everyone expects the waterline to be flat. any horizon will do it though.

  2. Not quite the problem Brian – the problem is holding the camera out a truck window at arms length and taking a photo without seeing what is on the preview screen.

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