I’ve been trying how to write this blog post for awhile.

I don’t know if you know anyone from Nova Scotia, but I’d say 80% or MORE of the locals I’ve met have an odd habit. A way of talking so to speak.

Instead of saying “yeah” or “yah” to agree with someone, they say it in the middle of a loud inhaling gasp. Let’s say you just ran up 10 flights of stairs and someone asks you if you’re tired and you gasp yUH in the middle of a short inhaling gasp.

We were invited to socialize with 3 couples last night. One works with Jeff and one retired from his position a couple of years back. I had a really good time. I like hearing about this area and the people and the history. One of the ladies remembered watching the 2nd story getting lifted on this house with a crate 18 years back.

Anyhow, listening to them one by one do this loud gasping yUH around the room was almost enough to leave me in stitches. If I ever catch myself doing this… well… let’s just hope I don’t. (Jeff either. :D)