Today we thought it was supposed to be raining, but we woke up to a beautiful sunny fall day so we headed out in Jeff’s truck for a new weekend adventure.

We drove south, just about all the way to Sherbrooke, and then we turned to the west and crossed over the St. Mary’s River. We then headed north on the road on the other side of the river. There are a lot of old abandoned homesteads over there too, along with small homes and summer cottages. I spotted an old graveyard so we headed down the driveway to see what it was all about.

It was an old cemetery. Not many stones, but they dated back to the first half of the 1800’s. Some were just wooden crosses, and some even just had a rock marking where a head stone would normally be.



We saw a big deer take off in the woods while we were looking at the grave stones. We only saw it’s back half so we don’t know if it was a doe or a buck.

We had another heavy frost this past week. Between that and the rain and the changing dates, the leaves have mostly fallen. Here is a glimpse of the road we were driving on just past the cemetery.


Here are some photos of the St. Mary’s River. It runs down to Sherbrooke and out to the ocean. It’s a popular destination for fly fishing. In fact it was people’s entire lives to fish on that river. Some were even fishing guides I think. The men would meet up every day to fish – some would sleep over night beside the pool the were going to fish the next morning so they would be there first. We heard a story of a guy who actually committed suicide when the salmon fishing dried up. His entire identity was wrapped around that river and when the fish numbers dropped, he had nothing left to live for.


The river was flowing really fast. It did rain heavy yesterday, but it does seem to have a quick current all the time.



Jeff gets to drive along the other side of this river every day to and from work. I bet he can’t wait to try his fishing pole in there!

After we drove north along the river, we veered west on Stora Enso’s logging road system for a couple hours or more. The roads were in really good shape. Not too much wildlife either, although we did pass through the Liscomb Game Preserve for several kilometres. That is where we saw a male spruce grouse!



We passed over several beautiful rivers and falls and lakes. Here are some more photos:









We drove along the long reservoir and backup water flow system for the Sheet Harbour power system.



We came out of the back roads north of Sheet Harbour. We drove down to Sheet Harbour and then along the ocean back to Sherbrooke and then north back to our house. I love our explorations! I hope you like our photos.