It was a busy week and I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.

Last Sunday, October 14th, was Monty’s 2nd birthday! We took the boys for a swim and I have some photos to post.

On Monday my Grandpa Verkley died. I have an entire blog post swirling around my head about my Grandpa that I need to get typed out here soon.

On Wednesday Jeff and I got up at 4am for the airport so I could fly home to be with my family. My new job only gives ONE day off for the loss of a Grandfather, so I had to take a ridiculously fast trip. I took two days so I owe work a day still.

Late Thursday I flew back and Jeff picked me up in the middle of the night. He had an exhausting long busy day at work too so luckily we made it home without nodding off.

Friday I shuffled my tired feet through a day of work.

Yesterday was Saturday and Jeff and I went to the farmers market and did some shopping in town. It POURED yesterday. When it rains here, it is really wet. I know that sounds crazy, but when it pours here the drops are HUGE and you get DRENCHED.

Today we went for a long exploring drive. I’ll write that post next and show you some of the 83 photos we took today.