The people across the lake finally got their power back today!

Jeff had to get his truck fixed from the hurricane, but it only cost $28. Something in the engine got too wet and it made the truck cough and sputter but it’s mostly fixed now.

My right tonsil is killing me today. Hopefully it is just because I couldn’t get comfortable in bed last night with my sore back and tailbone and ended up snoring. I just can not go through months and months of that tonsillitis again! |-|

I can’t stand listening to myself talk. I’m not pronouncing my ‘th’s’ probably anymore and it’s driving me nuts. Don’t tell him I told you, but Jeff keeps catching himself inserting “some” into his sentences – like “some good” – and stops himself to shake his head. Only one of us has went so far as to say “yuH” in that quick inhaling gasp noise, and he will remain anonymous.