The heat is on!

In the basement anyway!

We got the part we needed for the pellet stove so we’ve been working at getting it going for a few hours.

It’s a finicky thing in a way. There are so many safety checks built in that if it doesn’t get hot enough in the first 15 minutes it will shut off the fan and pellet hopper (eventually putting out the fire). If it gets too hot it’ll shut off the pellet feeder and will crank up the fans automatically to cool off.

So far it is certainly not too hot. It took us a few hours to figure out it was turning itself off every 15 minutes because we weren’t making it hot enough.

Now we’ve got it going, but it certainly isn’t heating the house yet. Mind you this house is not warm so it’ll take awhile to heat up just the basement before it starts working on this floor.

😀 we have heat!! ;D