I had a dream last night that it was an hour and a half to go to my wedding. My mom had her hair done, but she hadn’t brought me to the hairdresser yet. I had nothing ready. So I got stressed and ripped all my nails off 😀 In the dream… they are still on my fingers in real life.

Did you hear what happened to my foot? We are trying to eat our way through our cupboards and freezer so we didn’t have to buy groceries until we get back. On Sunday night Jeff grabbed a big huge can of pork and beans out of the cupboard. I was standing at the stove and put my hand out. He thought that meant I was going to catch it. I thought he was going to pass it to me. It came flying through the air and I moved back – I thought, “oh no! The tile floor! The can will smash the floor!” so at the last second I put my foot in it’s path. It hit the top of my foot. It hurt so much I ran to the hallway and was face first on the floor crying crocodile tears. I now have this big goose-egg on the top of my foot and isn’t fitting into shoes too well.

But don’t you worry – in case it doesn’t go away, my wedding shoes are open on top so they’ll still fit 😉