I had another bad dream last night. Mom hadn’t made my hair appointment, no one was helping me, the wedding was hours and hours late. I was looking at the mop on my head and wondering if I could fix it with a curling iron. Someone had stepped on the edge of my dress and it had ripped loose a long section of beading and it was hanging and you could see big hard chunks of glue that used to hold it on. And to add a twist, I had a baby the day before, I think his name was Max, but I left him all over the place, and it wasn’t until Brian asked for one that I realized I hadn’t bought diapers for him and he was soaking wet – he was wearing cute overalls though. Jeff was no where to be seen. Amy and Sarah sang a song as I went up the isle (in some church) and after the ceremony everyone bolted and didn’t stick around.

Sheesh. I hope Jeff comes home from Halifax soon. I wish I had Friday off – it seems like I should be packing one of these days. I’m most afraid we’re going to forget something crucial out here in NS.

It’s snowing lots right now – mild again. If Buddy doesn’t clear out the driveway today I might have to stay down on road level. It’s supposed to keep snowing until Friday and tonight we have a wind warning for 90km/hr winds.

Hey, you wanna hear about a bad dog? I came upstairs from tending to the pellet stove last night. Monty was standing on my desk! Not just 2 paws, he was totally standing on my desk, tail near the computer, head near the other monitor. I knew he’d freak out and knock even more off if I yelled so I peacefully walked over and lifted him off. He is a total kleenex freak and I think he went up there just to eat a kleenex. Bad dog.