>:XX Intuit Quickbooks – I’ve really had it with this stupid >:XX software.

I use Quickbooks Pro to keep track of everything for my business, and I have a merchant account through it that allows me to charge the credit cards of my customers when they make an order or pay an invoice.

It seems like every year their software conveniently breaks as the new version is released.

My 2007 version worked on Vista when I first got my new computer, and then it stopped. I spent so many hours and wasted so much of my time trying to troubleshoot this stupid >:XX software.

So I upgraded to 2008 last week.

It took 3 installs before it would work. Then I couldn’t get any of my data into it (customer information, past transactions, NOTHING). I found out that is because I once used their multi-currency feature – I used to charge my American customers in their own currency. Well they decided to ditch that feature for 2008 so if you ever used it, you have to start all over. So I started all over. Wasted hours re-setting everything up. Tonight I needed to process a big order that came in. It wouldn’t process the credit card – like it wasn’t set up. I just wasted 4 >:XX hours troubleshooting this one and I just found the answer – they decided not to support this feature anymore either.

That is the last straw. I’m so >:XX aggravated with Intuit. I only stuck with their product because it was so conveniently linked to my merchant account.

If you are reading this – don’t under any circumstances upgrade your Quickbooks to 2008. There I just saved you at 10 hours of grief.