What a change in a week. Here is a photo from last week when Jeff was hauling pellets around to the basement door.



And now a week later….


We went to an estate auction sale today! We used to do that in the Sault all the time, but I hadn’t seen any advertised here until now.

The items at this sale blew everything in the Sault out of the water. There are OLD items here! I saw a print from the 1700’s in a big old frame! There was several old framed prints and paintings. There was a big cabinet – I’ve never seen anything like it – I guess it was a china cabinet – it was really old and very huge and very fancy – probably would go to the ceiling and was …. maybe at least 10 feet across? It has wooden inlay patterns on the doors and glass and the front was waved in and out as you scanned from one side to the other. I can’t imagine the house this must have been in. There were several curious things there – army metals, an old armband with a swastika on it, huge old washbasins, washbasin cupboards, lots of big huge wooden chests/bins – some of these were easily 150 years old. There weren’t even that many people around. We didn’t stay too see how much things went for, but I would be interested in knowing. I wish I brought my camera into the room.

After that Jeff got a hair cut. I sat in the parking lot and listened to the radio and took a few pictures of the scenery:





The best part of this January melt – I can drive up the driveway all the way to the house! I don’t think I drove up the driveway, successfully, since early December. :p

Last weekend I took some bird photos. I don’t know what the first bird is but it was very vocal.




Now that I’m gearing up to work 8 days a week, I’m finding I’m getting more done. Something about having a million projects on the go is making me work much more. I’ve got 3 proposals in for website design/programming right now too!