I took a break from working this afternoon to go for a drive with Jeff around our lake, the next lake, and a couple more back behind our hours a few km’s.

It’s -15. The sun was setting so the light wasn’t the best, but here are some photos that turned out okay. The lake is frozen now. People have cleaned off areas to skate. There are so few people living around here. Around the lakes, and back in the countryside, there are seriously people living in 1 house out of every 20. Some big old farm houses look so lived in, but the mailboxes are gone and there are no tire tracks in the snow. No for sale signs. Just no one is living there. There are tons of cottages around our lake and a few around the next lake adjoining it so they are obviously summer houses, but the amount of empty solid big houses is startling. I would think they would be all rotting inside with no heat on. Maybe in 20 years we’ll see many more scenes like this last photo:

The gravel road on the other side of our lake:

Our house:

Our house again:

Our frozen lake:

Lots of ducks:

There are some incredible big old barns around here. This one had a big white farm house beside it, but no mailbox, and no tracks in the driveway.