I’ve had bad breath lately. I’ve been brushing and flossing and mouthwashing. Still there. So Jeff asked to see my tonsils. There are big white fuzzies on them again.

I cried. :no:

Last fall/winter/spring I went through about 6 months of misery – my tonsils were huge, and fuzzy, and white, and they got so big I couldn’t breathe at night. I started snoring horribly. I was tired all the time. I had to hold my tongue physically forward in my mouth because my tonsils were so big that my tongue would block off my airway.

Jeff said I’ve been snoring more the last couple of nights too.

Last year when I finally got an appointment with a ear/nose/throat specialist I was prepared, and eager, for him to surgically remove them. But he didn’t. He wanted me to go for a sleep study for sleep apnea. Well duh, my tonsils were the size of tennis balls.

By summer everything resolved on its own.

What is it about winter?

Please send a cure.