Somehow while washing a dog bed this afternoon, the dog bed rearranged itself in the washing machine and covered the hole where the water enters the machine so the water went all over the floor…. and down the hallway… and through the floor…. and all over the basement floor… and all over the stuff on a table between the laundry room and the basement floor. After it was all cleaned up, there isn’t any damage. We have some fans on for any dampness left under the walls.

We bought a new vacuum today. It’s a Bissell Pet Hair Removing vacuum. I thought it was hype until I read other good reviews. It’s an upright vacuum, no bags, dual cyclonic action. It feels like cheap plastic, yet it’s heavy. It moves well. But the stunning thing was how much hair it pulled out of the carpets. I emptied the canister more times than I could count. I guess our old vacuum wasn’t as good as I hoped it was! I’ve heard people say they love it more than their Dyson – the really expensive vacuum I wanted but would be nuts to buy.

What else is new around here…. Jeff has his truck up by the house but mine is down by the road. We have some snow pack, but a thick sheet of ice under it and the snow hasn’t stuck to the ice enough to allow me to get up to the house consistently.

Mom and Julie have booked a trip out to visit us in early April. So now we’re a little more anxious to get our house ready for visitors. We’ve been here for months and haven’t had any one in here (other than the safety inspector!) We hope to get a guest room or two decorated and ready for their arrival! Now if we could only pick a colour…. Ever had a pink carpet? It’s not the easiest thing to match!!

Tonsils – my course of penicillin is over. White spots are gone. I think I’ll keep up the gargling whenever I feel it coming back. My tonsils are still big and pitted and ugly, but not fuzzy, and not big enough to make me snore at night, so I’m VERY VERY happy about that! ;D