The health clinic on campus squeezed me in on Monday to see the Doctor about my tonsils. While she was attempting to scrape the white spots off my tonsils with her tongue depressor, she commented on my quick gag reflex. HELLO! You scraping my tonsils with your tongue depressor!

Anyway, the entire appointment was less than 2 minutes. She prescribed 10 days of penicillin and told me to gargle with salt water three times a day.

I’m hoping this is a cure. I concentrate on getting that salt water down and around my tonsils, but it seems every time I end up swallowing some. YUCK!

Nothing else too fascinating around here other than the weather. All the schools were closed around here on Monday and Tuesday. All the back roads (and our driveway) are solid ice covered in water. Really messy. The parking lots are icy. Today everything was covered in black ice. Needless to say, we’re parking down by the road.

I don’t mind the walk that much (when I’m not carrying things). One morning we saw a grouse just off our driveway in our woods. I see tons of animal tracks that I try to figure out who left. I can tell the rabbit ones. The other ones I’m not sure about. There is a set of tracks around our house sometimes that look like little cat footprints in the snow. There was another one on the rabbit path crossing the driveway that looked smaller than Monty’s but dog-like with claws. Another one was little and webbed. We need an animal track book!

The Sault had a massive snow storm today that shut down the town and the highway for 432 kilometres. I wished for that storm for 6 years when I lived there. I guess we left a year too soon!