I thrive on sunshine! I don’t realize it as much until it’s been SUNNY for a few days! Then suddenly I find myself doing crazy stuff like washing the dishes without a grump on.

The daylight stretches just long enough now so I can get ready for work without too many lights on and I can drive home from work without headlights, AND I can now even enjoy the daylight for another hour or so after I’m home!

There is nothing better than driving home on dry pavement with the sun still shining, driving in my fun zippy car, scrolling through the music stations on my Sirius satellite radio (my car has channel surfing and volume buttons on the steering wheel so I don’t even have to move my hands), singing, and smiling.

I’m thankful that my window at work lets the sunshine in. I’d really rather be working outdoors, but until I find that perfect job (that I crave so often), I’ll sit here and enjoy the sun 😀

My handsome husband is in meetings in Halifax for three days. I’m thinking about him and hoping he has a window that he can gaze out of during his dull meetings!