Well I can’t complain because I took on this second job of working on the weekends for 3 months for my previous boss in the Sault. Finally today I was able to get some real work done. I have to connect to a computer in Ottawa and from that computer, connect to a computer of a co-worker in the Sault. Needless to say, it’s not speedy. I slowly watch the mouse drag across the screen as I try to input the data I’ve collected.

Here is the bird that I watched today through my window while I worked. The window is straight to my left so I can keep on eye on the outside world (and not go too stir crazy).


Is this a house finch Cecilia?

Yesterday we had no snow. I had to travel to Halifax for a seminar for work at Dalhousie University. It was a great drive – no snow, lots of SUNSHINE, and reasonable traffic. Dalhousie seems like a bunch of disorganized old stone buildings in the middle of construction chaos, but I didn’t see enough of it to judge it fairly.

Overnight we got 15cms of snow. It is strange here how often this winter we have gone from zero snow to a full blanket of snow. I guess that means the driveway will be difficult to navigate until the next rainstorm.

Since I took a few breaks from working, and I started mid-morning, I was still working when the sun set. Here is the view from my office window as the sun sets and the yard lights turn on. (It is $12.42/mth to have a yard light. I love having ours, although everytime I look outside the bathroom window when sneak out of bed for a midnight pee, I’m always certain I’m going to see someone or something standing out there in the light of the night. It’s much nicer than looking out and seeing total darkness. Jeff confessed once he always thinks he’s going to see someone when he looks out in the dark too).