Okay, for the last 2 posts I’ve been trying to tell you all about the TWO bald eagles that were soaring around the lake here while we were chopping the alder shrubs down on the weekend, but I kept getting interrupted/distracted.

I first heard a weird bird call and I looked at Jeff and he didn’t know what it was. Then he spotted the two eagles. Very cool.

Anyhow, Jeff is in Halifax until Thursday again, even though he’s sick with a bad cold. I’m still healthy ;D

More snow, then freezing rain, and then rain coming over the next 24 hours. Hope it doesn’t take away access to the driveway again – I like driving up to the house! I really do!

Okay off to watch Big Brother (even though they have the trashiest, sluttiest, dumbest contestants yet, I’ll give it another week of viewership to see where it goes).