OHHHH I love it so much. I have a day off today because I work at a University and it is the first day of the reading week. I think it is really in exchange for us having to work on Easter Monday because it is a busy time for the students.

Regardless, I’ll take it, I’ll enjoy it.

I have a million things to do today and it seems like I’m getting nothing done because I’m overwhelmed of the 100 different directions I want to go in.

Poor Jeff is coming down with a bad cold or some sort of illness. He went to work anyway because he has so much to do before he is going away for another couple of nights.

I don’t think I mentioned all the wildlife we saw yesterday. Just as we were headed through town yesterday, and past the hospital, we saw field after field of deer. There are so many deer around! None seem to be on our land – we just have tons of bunnies (that are so so cute in their winter white coats).

I just walked by the front door and noticed 4 deer across the lake. I haven’t seen them down so far – they usually stay up in the fields near the treeline. Right now they are below the big farm house over there and are surely noticeable from the gravel road over on that side of the lake. Here is a photo I just took, and then I’ll show one zoomed in on the deer.



Late breaking news update! Jeff just walked in the door. He’s sick, so I just tucked him in bed with his blackberry, laptop, telephone, water, a sandwich, Advil, and the remote control to the tv.

Now I have a problem. I don’t get sick days until APRIL so if I get sick I have to go to work.