Jeff and I both thought we lived in windy areas before, but they were nothing compared to where we live in Nova Scotia.

I’ve never experienced wind gusts like these before. We’ve had high winds for over 24 hours now. I was just walking from my car to the library. It was a little windy and then BAM! I was almost blown into the brick wall. It’s really incredible. I not sure why I bothered to brush my hair this morning, the wind would have blown it out! :))

Our garbage cans blew around the porch and back yard. Our barbeque blew a few feet along the porch. The interior doors in the house were creaking each time there was a gust.

This storm is dumping on poor Newfoundland again. I heard some cars are totally buried. We only got a few flakes of snow with it. It’s -9 here but it says the windchill is -20 and it is gusting to 67km/hr.