I rented 4 movies yesterday. So far we haven’t done so well. We watched 2 last night:

I Am Legend
Interesting idea for a movie. The premise – a Dr. discovers she can cure cancer by modifying a virus. Unfortunately that virus wiped out almost everyone on earth – except the man played by Will Smith. I’m not a fan of Will Smith, but he was alright in this role. There was one part of the movie that I had to hide my eyes and after that I lost a bunch of tears. If you’ve seen the movie, you can guess what part. If you haven’t, I can’t tell you, because it’ll wreck it for you.
The pace of the movie takes a 180 in the middle of the movie and then it seemed like they rushed the story to get the movie over with.
Overall, the movie was just ‘ok’. Rentable. Not particularly remember-able.

No Country for Old Men
Ouch. This movie was like they took clips they had lying around and pieced them together sometimes. I purposely didn’t listen to some of it because it had nothing to do with anything.
Viewers have given it an average of 8.5/10 on imdb.com with reviews that say “it certainly is one of the most moving and thought-provoking movies I have ever watched” and “This is the kind of movie that will make you think, the kind that stays with you even after a long time has passed”. What the heck? What movie was I watching? Or this quote “Anton Chigurh is the most disturbing character (and yet mesmerizing) to grace the screen since Anthony Hopkins introduced us to Hannibal Lecter in ‘Silence of the Lambs.'” Not even close. I wouldn’t even compare the two.
1/5 When was the last time we watched a great movie? All these blockbusters are horrible. Don’t bother even renting this one.

Hoping for higher rankings with the next two!