Signs of spring

The funnest part of a new house isn’t the unpacking – it’s waiting to see what comes up in the gardens in the spring!!

This house has MANY flower gardens. Julie and Jeff worked a day away cleaning out some of them a couple weeks back. I’m so appreciative. Now I have to get my butt in gear and finish the (never-ending) job.

Here are a couple scenes that I took while walking around the yard last night as the sun set:



Look what we found in the woods off the far side of the driveway!


The bunnies love hiding out under these spruce trees.

This squirrel bugger isn’t scared of me approaching a few feet away with a camera at all!





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  1. I LOVE your house! It looks like a dream house! And look how big your baby is! WOW..he is a handsome dog!

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