It snowed over night! Not so much here in town though – I was the only car in the parking lot covered in white slush.

Gas went up 7 cents over night – to $134.8 1!! 88|

Ever bruised the top of your ear? No? Well it’s not has hard as you think. You just have to wear some audio headphones – the ones that go around the back of your neck (thanks Julie), and then put your glasses on. Shuffle them each a bit while you’re working. Then try to take off the headset.

I did this a couple days ago and got the top of my ear horribly pinched between the glasses or the headset. If I tried to take one off, it only squeezed and pinched my ear worse. I couldn’t get off my glasses, the headphones were stuck and my ear was pinched tight between them all! I almost had to go for help. I’m too proud for that though. I was leaning towards sacrificing my ear and just pulling them all until something let go. Which is what I did.

Two days later the top of my ear still hurts – even when the water hits in it the shower.

I bet you didn’t know of this danger lurking in your workplace.

Perhaps I should go back to contact lenses.