It is snowing outside – A LOT!

It isn’t staying on the ground, but it is building up a layer of slush on the porch and garbage cans we have on the porch.


It is really windy and the 4th garbage can blew over. (No we don’t make enough garbage for 4 cans, but we have to have 1 can for paper to recycle (or just burn), one for recyclables, one for the bottles & cans that have a deposit on them, and one for actual garbage. The organics can is around the corner).


Update! 11:30am
Now it is starting to stick to the ground! I can see it on the hill side across the lake!


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4 Replies to “MAY 11th SNOWSTORM

  1. hahahah nice photoshop work. when were these photo’s really taken?

    i had a nice time out on a boat in the sun yesterday. i love the warmth of spring 🙂

  2. Kendall’s cottage. He invites a bunch of people up for opening weekend / risk tournament. Near Haliburton

  3. Cool. I like Haliburton.
    I wonder if the wall of mosquitos has hatched yet at the place we lived at last summer near Parry Sound.

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