Security Alarm?

When I got home from work at 4:30 there was a security siren going off across the lake. It was still going off when we went to town at 5:30. It’s now 9:44pm and it is STILL going off.

I don’t know what cottage it is coming from, or why the people walking around over there this afternoon didn’t do anything about it, but now that it is dark and approaching bed time I’m starting to realize we might be sleeping listening to this damn alarm tonight.

I’m pretty sure there are people staying at one of those cottages now. I can’t imagine why they are not doing something.

I’m guessing that this siren is not attached to a security company alarm system. Now might be a great time to rob them for real.


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2 Replies to “Security Alarm?

  1. Maybe everyone is waiting for someone to do something about it- haha funny how you guys didn’t do anything about it but were upset that others didn’t as well.
    Glad it stopped- and hope nothing was actually wrong.

  2. We were all the way across the lake! There were other people standing over there near the cottage with the loud alarm just carrying on with their business!

    I heard yesterday that there used to be a lot of break-ins around the lake so those people installed that alarm after they were robbed.

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