I grew up in the country, but I sure don’t remember having to experience so much wildlife!

I just came in to my office to get some work done. I sat down and right away had to kill two itty bitty ants that crawled along the edge of my desk. In seconds I realized they were everywhere! The entire HERD OF ANTS IS IN MY OFFICE!!

Smack, squish, thump, bang. I’m killing ants as I yell for Jeff to come and help!

I had left my window open all day because it’s really hot today. The screens don’t fit totally tightly in these wooden framed windows so I guess the entire herd decided to crawl around the screen and explore my desk for sweet things. I have no food in my office so I don’t know what they were after. Hopefully they aren’t the little crazy ants from Houston that are attracted to electronics!

Jeff and I just killed every ant that made an appearance and then Jeff sprayed the window ledge on the outside with ant RAID.

Oh! there’s another ant, gotta go…