Monty is in another dog show this weekend in PEI. So it’s bathing, grooming, and styling week! Well not so much on the styling because the goal is to have his coat look thick and beautiful, but to be relatively straight!

Cutting Monty’s nails is the most unbearable part. He hates it. We battle. Last year we bought a Dremel multi-tool so now I grind his nails down. He bears it a little more but it can take 4 days for me to get every nail short enough, and by then he’s got his ears tucked back and he runs and hides at the very sight of me. We used to try to pin him on the bed, but he won that battle by peeing on our duvet.

Today he has a vet visit – just an annual visit that is several months over due. He’ll probably have to get some vaccines. I’m so willing for them to sedate him and cut his nails super short, but then I’d have to go there all the time for them to do it and that would mean me admitting failure.

My last Golden Retrievers, Winger and Surf, were so good at pedicure time. They’d lie on their backs and snooze while I snip snip snipped their nails off. Monty fights every bit of it. Could he have super sensitive nerves in his nails? Or does he just like the battle?