Great weekend in PEI.

Monty got 3 more points so he is up to 8 now. Two more to go!

We visited Uncle Joe and Patricia’s cottage. Really nice place! Mom and Grandma were visiting there. We got a personal tour of the area, had a delicious cheeseburger and fries at a nearby chip stand, had a Keith’s (beer) at the golf course that Uncle Joe works at, and finished the visit off with a round of scallops, bbq’d salmon, and shrimp. Delicious!

After our visit we headed on to Summerside to our motel. This time we had a reservation at the Green Acres motel in Summerside. What a wonderful experience! After staying at that hell hole three weeks ago, this was paradise! We had a end room. It was old, but clean, and air conditioned! We had a kitchenette with a table and chairs. There was a tree and a lawn right outside our door and on the other side of the motel there was a huge open grass covered lot. All for just $69/night. The manager was a very nice lady.

We took the ferry from Pictou, Nova Scotia over to Prince Edward Island. The ferry is only a little over an hour from here. The ferry ride is 75 minutes across the Northumerland Strait. It is just 22 km over the water so you can actually see Prince Edward Island from Pictou, Nova Scotia. The ferry service is great. We were there early because I was panicked over bad memories of being late for the Chichimaun ferry in Ontario, and waiting for hours and hours and hours. We were there early, but there was a really nice couple from Oakville parked behind us in the ferry line and we chatted to them. They were looking for property in Cape Breton for a summer place and we were sharing our Ontario and Nova Scotia stories and the experiences we had moving out here.

On the way back, we had a reservation for the 6pm ferry. We headed right to the ferry after Monty’s last show and got there at 4:27pm. They actually let us on the 4:30 ferry! We didn’t have to wait at all!

Jeff and I are both on holidays all week and loving every second of it! Today we did some errands in town and placed our order for our new wood stove. It is on sale this week, and they are tossing in a free blower kit and a 1/2 cord of wood! Sold!

Tomorrow we are heading to Halifax to do some shopping and sightseeing. Not 100% sure what we’ll get up to, but we’re planning on Costco, maybe the Citadel, definitely a tour of the Alexander Keith’s brewery (my brother Brian and his wife Leanne gave me the admission fee for my birthday present in December!).

As for the rest of the week, I’m sure it’ll fly by! Mom and Grandma will be arriving on Friday. That means house cleaning on Thursday!