I was running around this morning at work getting material ready for a presentation I was making to the Librarians.

The phone rang and it was the passport office calling. They were so casual but I immediately thought, uh-oh, what did I do wrong!?! They were just looking for an alternative number for my guarantor who was on vacation and not answering the telephone. They needed to touch base with her hopefully today so I dashed out to my car to get her number.

What a hot and humid day. My clothes were immediately stuck to me. I briskly walk by the workers who are sandblasting the exterior wall of the library on my way to and from the parking lot. I was initially going to call Patricia from my car on my cell, but sandblasting is SO LOUD!

After I fetched the number from my car dashed back inside (with my hands over my ears). That is one of THE loudest sounds on the ear drums!

On my way back to my office and stopped quick to pee. Mission accomplished. I stood up and pulled on my shorts. My skin was all sticky from dashing about outside so I had to give them a good tug.

Plooooop… gurggle… gurggle..

NO!!!! I did NOT want to turn around. I just knew it.

Sure enough.. my cell phone flew out of my shorts pocket and hit the bullseye. As it sank in the toilet bowl it released big air bubbles.

I immediately pulled up my sleeve and dove down….

And pulled out my wet cell phone, dripping with toilet water (and likely pee).

I tried as fast as I could to get the battery out but I wasted precious time trying to turn it off first. I don’t know why. I guess one doesn’t think straight when they’ve just plunged their arm, elbow deep into the toilet bowl.

I quietly went back to my desk, layed out some kleenex, and pulled it all apart to dry. I was trying to hide behind my monitor – I really didn’t feel like sharing my misfortune right away.

I really do think the cell is toast. I cheated once later today and re-assembled it to see if it would turn on. Nadda.

I eventually confessed to a coworker and he told me about an indicator that is located inside the cell phone that shows if it has ever gotten wet. I went and checked – and there is a big red fuzzy circle that wasn’t there before it was wet. I guess this stops cell phone store clerks from troubleshooting other toilet bowl water soaked cell phones 😳

On the bright, drier side, I checked online on Virgin Mobile’s website. Since my cell is a basic, pay as you go cell, I can replace it for only $39.

I googled this afternoon to find out what you are supposed to do when you drop your phone in the water. Pulling out the battery immediately is key. Another one of the common suggestions is to put it in a bowl of dried rice, so that will soak up the water.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Keep a bowl of dried rice handy at work!