Mom and Grandma are visiting us this weekend. They just went up to get ready for bed and to read their books, so I have a moment to check my email and blog a bit.

We saw WHALES today! My first whales ever. AND SEALS!! We went up to Cape George in the misty morning weather. The mist stopped when we got up there. From up high where the light house is we could see WHALES! Luckily we had our incredible new binoculars with us so we could zoom in for a better look. There were lots of them! We could see their backs arch as they broke through the surface of the water, then their top fin would stick up, and then they’d elegantly glide back under the surface.

Julie you must be so jealous right now! Poor Julie was here visiting in April and stood on a cold wet wharf in the rain trying to spot a whale.

The seals were hard to spot from up there on the cape without the binoculars. Their heads would pop up and sometimes you could see them look around and then dive back down.


We were up until the wee hours playing cards last night until Grandma won the game. We played again this afternoon and Mom won. Jeff said we have to keep playing until he wins. I don’t know what the name of the game is, but you play round after round working your way through the sequences of cards you have to get. You start with 2 sets of 3, and then you work your way through straights and set combos until you finish at the grand finale level of a straight of 8 out of your 11 cards in your hand. We had planned to get up early to head to the Farmer’s Market and then to the Highland Games parade, but everyone was sleepy. I sacrificed my sleep and woke up at 6am to keep the pets all calm and quiet and down here on the main floor while everyone slept.

We did take a drive by the Highland Games and saw many men and a few women in their kilts and tartans. It was raining so we didn’t pay the entrance fee to spectate on the activities.

Did you hear who is stopping by Nova Scotia on Tuesday? Tropical Storm Cristobal! The latest advisory has gusty winds and rains hitting north eastern Nova Scotia on Tuesday. We really need rain so I’m game. Plus we have that stockpile of canned food in the basement from Costco in case it speeds up into a bigger storm 😀