Yesterday at the beach

Brian, Leanne, and Hadley stayed with us for the weekend.

Yesterday we went to the beach! I have never swam in the ocean… and I didn’t this time either! I did wade up to my thighs, but I chickened out from diving right in. Jeff was the only crazy one to do that.

Beach conditions:


Jeff and Brian contemplating the possibility of a swim:


Leanne and Hadley and the almost completely deserted beach, except for a couple other crazy people and two really cold looking lifeguards.

Brian and Hadley looking for treasures:



We packed a lunch for the beach, but there were so many mosquitos out we had a picnic in our car! Here is Hadley blowing me a kiss!


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  1. I like the pictures of her holding the rocks, so cute! Glad you had a good day at the beach- even if you had lunch in the car.

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