We’ve been very disappointed in the Canadian Olympic coverage so far.

It’s all American!

Why do I want to watch the US volleyball and the US basketball and the swimming!! This insane focus on an American swimmer going for 8 metals has me turning off the tv! In his first race a Canadian finished 5th. He got ZERO focus. They didn’t even mention for awhile what place he came in. All we hear was about the American and his life story. They interviewed the American who came in 3rd place instead. Not one word with the Canadian in 5th place.


We are so focused on medals that we’ll focus on a US competitor that ranks higher? As a Canadian I’m very proud of our athletes, and if one finishes 5th I think that is incredible and I want to know about it and that athlete.

I don’t want to watch the US women’s volleyball because we don’t have a team of our own. How about we watch some coverage of sports we DID compete in. Just because we don’t finish in the top 3 doesn’t make it not worthy of our support! If I want to watch the Olympics with a US focus I’ll watch NBC!